Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Creative Team: Valentina Vergara, Demetri Pascoe, Ram Rey Duran, Michael Vo, Lead: Chris James
Animation Partner: Golden Wolf

Fortnite has become a destination for musical artist to perform music for fans all over the world. Our team was tasked to generate excitement for The Kid Laroi’s one of a kind immersive concert experience. This was the first time Fortnite would premiere new music in game,  so we knew we had to make a big impact.

The narrative behind The Kid Laroi’s outfits and concert experience was highlighting a duality that can be found in his latest album. Naturally, we built our design and visual language around the two outfits, and created two different worlds as the Laroi’s battled head to head.

The execution ended up being a teaser video where each of the Larois was trying to recruit viewers on to their side.



To continue the narrative of The Kid Laroi “recruiting” fans to join either of his sides we also sent different streamers and influencers one of a kind seeding kits which featured secret blacklight messaging (a black light flashlight), a CD with the hero teaser, a portable CD player, one of a kind t-shirts, sunglasses and a secret poster encased inside the CD cover.
Graphic Design


We also partnered with Kenny Beats and had him & Vince Staples play through the experience together live and remix a new Kid Laroi track. Below is the live twitch stream.