Creative Direction
Creative Team: Valentina Vergara,  Demetri Pascoe, Ram Rey Duran, Lead: Chris James
Animation Partner: Golden Wolf

Late last year, Fortnite tasked my team with a mission to make the Chapter 4 Season 2 launch unlike any past season launch. Having had immense success with their anime collabs, Fortnite chose a fast-paced, hypercolor, Neo-Tokyo-inspired theme for the newest season. Fitting to this theme, our team decided to create a hyper anime intro to excite the public.

Since every anime intro has to have an iconic track, we tapped Japanese label 88Rising and their band ATARASHII GAKKO! to use the song WOO! GO! in the background.

We also took the new characters and transformed them into gifs inspired by classic, often over exaggerated, anime tropes. Then we dropped them on Discord, Twitter & Twitch so fans could have new reaction gifs at their disposal.