Catch NYC, is a seafood restaurant set in a landmark building in the meatpacking district. It features contemporary renditions of classic seafood preparations, “Successfully fusing great food, service and an interactive scene and nightlife. The 400 seat, tri-level restaurant offers a variety of unique dining experiences to its diverse clientele, boasting an open kitchen and communal dining options that further augment the warm, inviting atmosphere.” Currently the food is displayed in a bulky booklet menu that has a specific order to it, we decided to carry the style of tapas into the menu. Each section of the menu was printed on a separate sheet of card-stock and presented to the users in a folder that literally catches them all. We played with imagery of “catching” to represent the freshness of the food. Ultimately, we wanted to choose a color palette that represented the nightlife vibe Catch has.
This was a collaborative project with Farah Kafei. All images were shot by us.
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